The Great Dairy Debacle. How giving up dairy changed my life.

Well, ladies (and you gents that have slipped in). For the new year, I have quit dairy. And it's not due to lactose intolerance or...flatulence. Besides, I don't flatulate. You can hear more about that on the podcast. I promise you, it's the excitement that never ends.

Seriously, let's talk about flatulence for just a second. You know we can't leave the subject now! I know women who just let it rip and I don't get it. Please, control your flatulence ladies! I even know one woman who just did it all the time and never said excuse me - nothing! I think she didn't know, or did she? I always know when something is coming out of me. Don't we all?

Enough of the gas conversation. That is NOT why I quit dairy.

I quit dairy because of a plain ol' hunch. A hunch. Not to sound spooky, but something just told me to stop dairy for the new year, annnnd alcohol, annnnnd sugary sweets. Maybe it's just called fat intuition. I have been feeling a little lumpier after turning 50, even though I do my oil method. For those of you doing the method I write about in my free ebook, Conquer Cravings and Lose Weight for Good, The Magical Unicorn Method that Makes you Crave Healthy Food, you know alcohol can ruin the FX of the appetite suppression. It does for me anyway. After one glass of wine, I feel like I could eat a horse it if was dipped in chocolate.

So, back to the great dairy debacle. I had thought I'd quit cream in my coffee and that was bad enough. But as the day went on I realized my precious mayonnaise in my egg and the tuna salad was no more. There was the goat cheese I just started getting into and LOVING. So sad. But, I refused to give up and slathered my eggs with mustard and ate it anyway.

After 48 hours of giving up dairy I woke up feeling oddly good. I opened my eyes and looked around. What's different? I thought. Holy wow - what's different is maybe I didn't have dairy and I feel...I feel...HAPPY. I haven't woken up with that much joy in my heart in a long time, maybe years.

I decided to google dairy products and depression to look for a possible correlation and surprisingly there it was:

Dairy is one of the most commonly reported, problematic foods when it comes to mood issues associated with the popular, ever controversial food. Dairy’s protein casein, has not only been linked to addiction that makes it hard to give up, but also aggression, depression, and even anger.

It's only been a week, but the difference I feel in my bones, my being, the depth of my human soul is huge! I am breaking up with Dairy. That's all there is to it.

Now, go be the HOT ladies (and gents) you are and maybe think twice about your dairy products?

Love, Anne

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