Why I started the Bring Back my Body campaign

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

This is a hard blog post to write because, for most of us women, there is an incredible amount of emotional power behind the subject of our bodies. For many of us, it will always be a fragile and personal space. With campaigns about body shaming, diets, fitness, health, feeling good, and aging, it's no wonder we are overwhelmed. There's a plethora of courses and books about confidence and loving yourself. It is exhausting.

We are mothers, and sisters, lovers, and friends. We are breadwinners, cooks, maids, chauffeurs, and everything in between. We are all things and trying to be more every day in a quickly evolving world.

As I type this, I am getting angry. Maybe, together, we should run to our rooftops, lift our shirts, show off our bellies full of cortisol, and shout out to the world, "Love us, or leave us!"

Then maybe we can finally relax and feel good about sitting on our couches with a quart of ice cream and a movie great movie.

"Don't let J.Lo have all the fun. Grab your sexy and get it on too!"

But in the end, honestly, after the night of binging is over, and I've given in to life's stresses constantly, I end up feeling like a dull, unhealthy, unhappy woman.

When I started working towards making a change, I quickly found out how difficult getting healthy and feeling good really was. Seriously, I did Body for Life back to back three times, but my before and after pics literally looked the same. I did Weight Watchers and joined gyms. It was always the same story. No lasting change, with a few pounds here or there, less or more.

I will share more about it as time goes on, but I was married at the time and my ex-husband was studying to be a Nutritional Doctor. He would discover supplements that could jumpstart metabolism naturally, or put hormones back in balance. He would bring his theories and thoughts and supplements home and I would try them.

Slowly (because lasting body change is a slow process), change started happening. I would try new things for a month and if they worked I would continue them in my regimen.

I remember one day I commented to him that I was getting old. I was in my late 30's and he stopped everything, looked up at me and said, "What are you talking about? 60 is the new middle-age."

I normally would have laughed off something like that, but I so desperately wanted it to be true.

I started to look for other hacks, jumpstarts, and shortcuts to looking and feeling better - even getting younger. I have continued my quest to this day because the hacks have worked. I am constantly self-experimenting, modifying and trying new things to challenge my body and the notion that I will get old and decrepit and feel croaky and craggy and I should just give in to to my age and quit lying to myself (even doctors have told me this!).

After years of self-experimentation, I have found hacks for health, weight loss and longevity that work and it's become a hobby of mine to keep looking for and finding new things.

Believe me, there ARE shortcuts, especially the older we get! We are living in the best time because we get to explore, discover and research on levels we never have before. We are continuing to learn more about the body, fitness, and health.

Life is short, and feeling our best inside and out is beyond attainable, why not do it? Don't let anyone tell you that there are no shortcuts. I can attest to that being complete bologna. I also can attest to 60 being the new middle-age.

Until next time,

Keep that fire burning and stay HOT!


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