How do you celebrate your life?

You are amazing women. You are Caretakers, Moms, Cheerleaders, Maids, Breadwinners, Lovers, Super Heroes all of us!

So, when it comes to your birthday, do you celebrate your life? If so, how?

I try to experience something new every year on my birthday since turning 40. This year I stayed a few nights at High Road Hostile in Washington D.C.

That's the community kitchen. I stood on the chair in the corner to take that.

I met Joey Bee there!

I had a coffee like this....

These really do exist outside of stock photos!

I also saw Dermot Kennedy in concert, who, in his lyrics for the song, An Evening I Will Not Forget, sang,

"I remember when her heart broke over stubborn shit. That's no way to be living kid. The angel of death is ruthless."

50 years of life and I have finally learned to stop letting my heart break over stubborn things. Thank you for the reminder of our short life Dermot Kennedy!

Ladies, I want to know what wild and crazy things YOU are doing to celebrate your wonderful lives. Email me at and tell me all about it. Maybe what you share will be the idea that sparks someone elses imagination.

Until next time, keep being the HOT women you are!



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